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Our Arkansas Criminal Defense attorneys have defended over two thousand cases.

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King Law Group, PLLC has a long standing, honored reputation in the immigrant community.

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Gary King, Esquire

Gary King has has been practicing law since 1986. He began his legal career working for a multinational corporation writing Corporate Policies and Procedures for their Human Resources department. In 1987, he went into private practice and established a law office with an emphasis in Immigration Law. In 1992, he relocated his criminal and immigration law firm to the Fort Smith and Van Buren area, where he and his wife currently reside. Mr. King then expanded his immigration and criminal law practice to Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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Arkansas Criminal Defense

Contact our Van Buren, Fort Smith, and Fayetteville, Arkansas criminal defense lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced.

Arkansas Immigration Lawyers

Although our immigration lawyers are in Arkansas and Oklahoma, we handle immigration cases from clients around the world.

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